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"Sal brings something you always see on a magic DVD, and that's credibility. When you're learning something so often done incorrectly, you want to know you're working with the real deal. Sal is the real deal!" - Acar Altinsel, Penguin Magic

"I wish these DVDs were around when I was learning the 3 card monte!" - Jonathan Evans, Penguin Magic

"This is the real work from a guy who does it for a living." - Maxwell Murphy, Penguin Magic

The Effect
Sal Piacente's Street Monte DVDs are finally here! These DVDs are being called "the finest DVDs ever made on two of the most important effects in magic: the three card monte and the three shell game." We've put together a special deal to help you master these two effects. We've negotiated a special deal with the manufacturer so we can offer the Street Monte Combo Pack (a $ 120 value) for only $ 59.95. (Limited time special). The Street Monte Combo Pack includes everything you need to perform these two effects

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